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Marvelous MeMarvelous Me: Superhero Puppet Activity
Readers have let me know that this early picture book of mine is a favorite for many of them. In the story, Alex relates all the things that make him the super-special superhero he calls “marvelous me.”

Now kids can make their own personalized superhero spoon puppet using simple objects found at home.

Download the Superhero Puppet Activity.

Writing instruction

Are you looking for tips and activities to help you teach kids to be better writers? I have several to offer!

Newly revised to also work as a distance learning activity!
Time Capsule Activity
An engaging multi-part classroom activity that gives students insights into understanding themselves and others, and teaches them a tactic they can incorporate into their own writing process when writing both fiction or nonfiction.

Writing Road Trip
My Writing Road Trip blog has over 100 posts providing classroom-tested tips and tricks for educators and parents who are working to help kids become better writers. The posts are archived by the amazing folks at Bookology magazine, and you can read them from start-to-finish here.

Make your own story wheel
Kids can create a simple Story Wheel to help them generate story ingredients each time they want to write a new story. Download the hints for guiding kids to make their own Story Wheel.

You Can Write a StoryBook: You Can Write a Story! a story-writing recipe for kids
School Library Journal called my story-writing guide “a boon to teachers or librarians trying to generate interest in creative writing.” My popular step-by-step instructional is now technically out of print, but affordable used copies are still widely available through online booksellers (look for the spiral-bound edition).

Turn Left at the cowTurn Left at the Cow:
classroom activities

In Turn Left at the Cow, Travis discovers a lot of surprising things when he runs away to rural Minnesota.

Now kids can create their own butter heads or play the Chicken Poop Bingo game, similar to those in the book, with these activities for classroom or craft room:

Butter Head Beauties

Chances Are

If you’ve read Turn Left at the Cow, you know exactly how these activities figure into the book!


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